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Voytek Sadlocha Rapaport, Master Artisan Baker

Voytek Sadlocha Rapaport, Master Artisan Baker

Artisan Founder Voytek Rapaport is a man of the world. English is his 4th fluent language! Born in Poland, he trained as a Chef and travelled the world. His passion for Sourdough began working in a Michelin Starred Restaurant in Israel where he mastered the craft of making delicious, nutritious sourdough bread. Voytek started baking in South Australia in 2003 and established his Artisan Sourdough Bread® Bakery at Payneham Road Stepney in 2008. His renowned handmade sourdough is enlivened by an ancient, secret, ‘Mother Dough’ starter yeast that creates an incomparable range of delicious, crusty breads in the hugely popular San Francisco style. 

One bite of Artisan Sourdough will remind you what real bread is supposed to taste like. Voytek and his skilled team, shape every loaf by hand. They bake it fresh every night for delivery to a growing band of specialist retailers and selected supermarkets. 

Artisan Sourdough® is now being served by Adelaide’s most discerning restaurants and gourmet cafes.

sourdough loaves ready for the oven
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