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Potato & Rosemary

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Artisan was the first to make Potato & Rosemary Sourdough in Australia. It is a flavour sensation that was quickly copied, but none has ever matched the magic of Artisan’s Potato & Rosemary. Perhaps our smouldering romance with Nigella explains why. The beans, not the goddess. Their impressive list of health benefits puts it in the superfood category with Artisan Sourdough. This is a story of Love, Desiree and Rosemary too. No matter how hard they try, substitutes can never copy Artisan’s wild, secret mother-dough. The ‘secret sauce’ that powers our natural fermentation for up to 48 hours before baking. Ingredients: Wild Sourdough, Natural Wheat Flour, Rye Flour, Desiree Potatoes, Rosemary, Nigella, Seeds, Water, Salt

No Chemicals • No Added Sugars No Preservatives • No Food Additives • No Added Fats • Made in Australia from 98.60% Australian Ingredients

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