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Artisan Ciabatta. Mama Mia! Ciabatta is impossible to translate. It’s the same word in Italian and English. And it is the last word when it comes to the fabulous flavour of authentic sourdough bread if you prefer the continental style. Light, moist and crusty, unpretentious and the perfect partner for antipasto. Simply, the most delicious, nutritious, natural bread you’ve ever tasted. Elegant, flavoursome and crusty, your Artisan Ciabatta sourdough will be welcome wherever great food is served. Also available as a Mini, but we prefer to call it, Bambina. Ingredients: Wild Sourdough, Natural Wheat Flour, Dried Yeast, Water, Salt

No Chemicals • No Added Sugars No Preservatives • No Food Additives • No Added Fats • Made in Australia from 98.6% Australian Ingredients

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